NKP-Erie Citrus Traffic

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Also anecdotally, I've seen many pictures of NKP fast freights
with reefers, esp meat reefers. Where did they go after the NKP
brought them to Buffalo? Surely not all on the Erie, since you
also had LV, DL&W, NYC, PRR, B&O connections there.

Tim O'Connor

I can offer some thoughts on that. I believe NKP was DL&W's primary western connection. There was also LV which was competitve to NJ. Also the amount of Bufalo traffic was not insignificant. There were B&O and PRR connections, but those would have been rather circuitous. You might think PRR to Wilkes-Brre area, but one of the trains from Chicago had an Altoona block for connection to the WB train originating there. You have to discount NYC and erie because they worked hard to solicit traffic through Chicago and certainly any service on BFO interchange received wasn't as good as their Chicago. In fact on the NYC traffic from Cleveland and Buffalo might arrive DeWitt after traffic leaving Chicago or Indianapolis at the same time.

In summary, I'd estimate that the lion's share of those reefers on the NKP were for DL&W, LV and Buffalo local customers.

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