Re: Santa Fe & PFE's-Erie Citrus Traffic

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Posted by: "Anthony Thompson" Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
Most perishable fruit and vegetable traffic from the west went to
Chicago via SF and was transferred to the ERIE when headed to NYC or
New England.
Ahem. If you check, Schuyler, you will find that PFE's traffic
through Chicago was more than 50% greater than SFRD, and in some years
was double.

That's what you would obviously expect if you look at who served the four large rpoduce areas of California.

Imperial Valley - SP only
San Joaquin Valley - SP, SF
Salinas Valley - SP only
Sacramento Valley - SP, WP

The largest share went SP, in PFE reefers. The largest share of that went UP and MILW/CNW/RI/Q to Chicago. But don't forget the St. Louis gateway. It also was a big player in the produce traffic, but not so much for SF. SP's long hauls were Tucmcari/RI and Denison/SSW.

Traffic from the SF at Chicago went directly to NYC, Erie, PRR, B&O and NKP. I know that NYC, NKP and PRR got a lot of it, and a large part of that was to NY and New England. It might be reasonable to think that Erie got 30 %, a stretch to think 40 % and preposterous to say most of it. The shippers weren't that dumb. They spread the traffic well among competing railroads to avoid becoming dependent on any one.

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