Re: Santa Fe & PFE's-Erie Citrus Traffic

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

The ERIE was the largest carrier of perishable traffic from the west via the Chicago gateway to the east coast.
I don't dispute this, but Erie wasn't exactly dominant. NYC and PRR were major carriers, and the NKP/WAB-LV/DL&W routes were not insignificant.

> The ERIE's service to NYC was the fastest for this type of merchandise.

Not true. If you look at those trains arriving Chicago around midnight with traffic for the NY produce market 48 hours later, you'll see that Erie and NYC are about equal. Erie service was commendable given their disadvantage of having to float all of their NY traffic across the river. As a former NYC man, I will not contest the fact that service relaibility on the Erie was better.

To Boston, however, NYC was definitely faster. I'll have to check my Erie freight timetable tonight, thanks to Schuyler that I have it, and see what the actual times were.

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