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Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
Something else to consider in regard to the share of traffic thing. While PFE may have preferred one eastern road, say the SDG, it was owned by SP and UP, which had relationships with other roads, say for example road RME for auto parts or other high value westbound traffic. If PFE caused traffic to be routed away from RME, that road might retaliate by trying to get that other traffic going west routed ATSF or DRGW/WP. A lot of that log-rolling behavior occurred and was, I believe, an important factor in maintaining traffic balance.
This is very true, and all the PFE people I spoke with remarked on their need to understand the concerns of the "parent railroads" and follow them, within reason. But at the same time, UP and SP understood that PFE's stock in trade was consistent, timely delivery of perishables. I seriously doubt that UP or SP would have required PFE to do routings which resulted in poorer delivery. Remember, UPD and SP were not exactly podunk railroads which could be pressured by smaller roads; and "retaliation" can works both ways.

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