Re: Santa Fe & PFE's-Erie Citrus Traffic

Tim O'Connor

Plus, no one has yet mentioned the fact that so much produce was shipped
without a known ultimate destination (i.e. no buyer) and was diverted enroute.
I'll bet this accounted for a lot of interesting routings!

I wonder how much, if any, of the produce traffic east of Chicago had no buyer
yet and had to be diverted while travelling on the Erie, PRR, et al.

Tim O'

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From: Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>
Something else to consider in regard to the share of traffic thing. While PFE
may have preferred one eastern road, say the SDG, it was owned by SP and UP,
which had relationships with other roads, say for example road RME for auto
parts or other high value westbound traffic. If PFE caused traffic to be routed
away from RME, that road might retaliate by trying to get that other traffic
going west routed ATSF or DRGW/WP. A lot of that log-rolling behavior occurred
and was, I believe, an important factor in maintaining traffic balance.

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