Re: Santa Fe & PFE's-Erie Citrus Traffic

Allen Rueter

hard to say, the rest could of gone to lower volume interchanges or terminated on the Wabash.
I wonder if refers were ferried across at Detroit-Windsor?


Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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What happened to the other 50 cars?

Rich Orr

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I thought I would add my 2 cents, from some Copeland reports,

in 1947 the Wabash averaged almost 60 loads a day from the ATSF, and 106 a day

from the UP at Kansas City. Wabash averaged 30/day to the Erie at Huntington,

32/day to the PRR at Logansport.

52/day to CP at Detroit, wonder if this was competing with th GTW to Canada?


Allen Rueter StLouis MO

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> > Also anecdotally, I've seen many pictures of NKP fast freights

> > with reefers, esp meat reefers. Where did they go after the NKP

> > brought them to Buffalo? Surely not all on the Erie, since you

> > also had LV, DL&W, NYC, PRR, B&O connections there.

> >

> > Tim O'Connor


> The discussion is about perishable fruit traffic (and not

exclusively citrus as I pointed out

> before) but the NKP and the DL&W had a tight working relationship

for decades. Much of that traffic

> headed to NYC went on the DL&W, but some went to the ERIE.

Clearly, traffic for Rochester,

> Syracuse, Utica (well, maybe not there), Albany etc, likely went



> Most perishable fruit and vegetable traffic from the west went to

Chicago via SF and was transferred

> to the ERIE when headed to NYC or New England.

The Wabash had a steady perishable interchange business with the ERIE

at Huntington, Ind. delivering cars that had been received by the

Wabash at the Kansas City and St Louis gateways. I only have one

example handy. On Nov. 13, 1950, St Louis #82 delivered 11

perishable to the Erie which moved east on their train #74. Later in

the day KC#82 delivered 6 additional cars which moved on Erie #98.

Also on the 13th, an eastbound time freight extra (TFX) reduced their

train by 31 perishables between Tilton, IL and Montpelier, Ohio. The

cars could have been delivered to the Big 4, NKP, or CIL at

Lafayette, the CIL (Monon) at Delphi, PRR at Logansport or Ft Wayne,

or the Erie at Huntington.

Chet French

Dixon, IL

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