Re: Do some of us "Complainith Too Much"...about the poor Pennsy?



CB&Q's "Everywhere West". Yeah, right.
CRI&P's "Rocket Freight". Uh-huh, sure.

Seems like exaggeration was not unique to PRR's marketing dept.
I can think of only two that cannot be argued: Piedmont & Northern's two
slogans - "The Great Electric System of the South" (It /was/ the most
extensive electrification in Dixie) and "A Mill to the Mile" (they did
average out to more than one cotton mill for each mile of track they had).
Haven't seen any evidence of either of these on freight cars, though the
first slogan was part of their earliest logo, which I have seen on
locomotives; but, I've not seen any freight cars from the 191Xs, so it may
be there, too.

Just thought of a third, too, CP's "Spans the World". This of course was
found on CP boxcars. With C. P. Railway, C. P. Shipping and C. P. Air
Lines, it's an accurate, slogan, too.

Frank Valoczy
New Westminster, BC

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