Re: Santa Fe & PFE's-Erie Citrus Traffic - schedule sharing

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

When I was the supervisor of schedule information in the NYC marketing
department in 1965, I had the freight schedules of nearly 100 Class 1
railroads in my desk.

Where these shared by custom or agreement or did you have to "finagle" them?

The sharing of freight schedules was an industry custom. Each railroad sent copies of its scheduels to most of the other rilroads each time there was a significant change. NYC's was a loose leaf book, as was PRR's. We made amonthly mailing of updated schedule pages. In addition to our own agencies, the mailing list included the other railroads.

All railroads had to be ready to advise any customer on the service scedule to any station on any railroad. We also used schedules to determine the number of cars that would be required for pool assignments, Ford engine blocks for example, based on the customers' projections of carloads to major destinations and the expected routing.

Schedule sharing was necessary for the system to work.

I had the ideal job for a 28 year old railfan interested in freight service.

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