Re: Pacific Electric 65' gons


Hm. I must've dreamt that, then...

I'll go with a boxcar, then, for my PE model.

Frank Valoczy

Frank Valoczy wrote:
I recall reading in several places that the Pacific Electric's 65'
gons lasted in PE markings until 1953, but the Jan 53 ORER doesn't
list them under the PE's entry.

Does anyone know a source of information on these cars? Specifically
I'd like to know how long they lasted in PE lettering, though I'd not
be averse to seeing some photos or drawings.
In all modesty, Frank, probably the best source is the book I
wrote on SP gondolas, Volume 1 in my series on SP Freight Cars (also
includes stock cars). More about it is on our web site, URL below.
To the best of my knowledge there were NEVER any PE 65-foot
gons. You may be thinking of the 1929-built 48-foot cars, Class
G-50-13. Their PE numbers were 25000-25014. All were transferred to SP
ownership on June 1, 1951, and all had been renumbered by January, 1952
into their SP number series, 94050-94064. I've never seen a photo of
one in PE paint.
There is a VERY nice Speedwitch Media kit for this car class
if you want one in HO.

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