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Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

I'm sorely tempted to buy it just to find out which NYC auto-parts
trains connected with the Cotton Belt at East St. Louis during
this period, but in fairness I think one of the NYC people on the
list will get more use out of it.

I can help with that, if the jailer will briefly sit on the keys. I have the 1967 book. I first saw the NYC Through Freight Schedules when I had my first operating department job in 1960 and saw most of the revisions until 1967. It wasn't much different from 1960 and the late 50's which does get us back into the STMFC era. The big difference was in traffic handled in long cars unmentionable on this list.

There was no such thing as an "auto-parts train", but there were a few trains in which the preponderance of auto parts moved. They came from all over Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, so couldn't really be whole trains.

Cars from Detroit moved in DSL-1 leavinf at 8:00A arriving at Big Four Yard at 10:30P. This train had only an Indianapolis block and picked up at Monroe and Bellefontaine. Cars to the SSW moved in NCB-1 leaving at 7:00A and blocked
1. Pine Bluff and beyond via A&S-SSW
1A. Cut Caboose
2. A&S other than group 1.

Cars from Cleveland would be in A/BF-3 arriving at 9:30P.

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