Re: Loaded SFRD's in a UP train

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Posted by: "tgregmrtn@..." No Tim, Just routed ATSF-STKTN-WP- OGDN-UP-OMH- CNW-CHGO_ FF as I have said, just a bridge to Chicago... No direct routing... 3^) a shippers routing I would suppose... I guess the Santa FE Field agents "glad hands" were just no FULL enough... 3^)

Greg Martin

That brings to mind something else in the service equation. There six possible carriers in that OMH-.....-CHGO. Each of them had different connection patterns at Chicago. I do know that the connections from C&NW and MILW to NYC were excellent. I don't know which had the best connections to the Erie or PRR, but I'm sure there were differences.

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