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The Central Vermont had some box cars with roof hatches and hopper bottoms that were assigned to grain service.Armand Premo

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UP converted some B-50-52's (PS-1 box cars) with roof hatches
for soda ash service out of the Green River WY area. D&H rebuilt
some USRA SS box cars with roof hatches & bottom outlets for
cement. These were pre-1960 conversions.

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Fred Freitas wrote:
Thanks for the time line of the roof hatch kaolin cars.
This will narrow the commodity search considerably. . . So, the reason
for roof hatches continues in research.
Railroads did convert box cars with roof hatches for many
purposes, even if not for kaolin (in the time frame of this list). SP
alone did so for both bulk cement and sugar, in the late 1940s and
early 1950s. Of course it wasn't long before they had enough
conventional covered hoppers, and soon after, Airslides, for those

Tony Thompson

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