Re: CN Series #659000-65999 Steel Flat Car #659000-65999

pierreoliver2003 <pierre.oliver@...>

The unmodified Tichy stake pockets are indeed not correct for this
model. However with a little effort they can be altered to present an
acceptable representation of the prototype.
The following instructions have been copied from an article by
Stafford Swain in CN Lines, V5,N4, full credit should got to Stafford
and Alf Goodall. I've done this mode and it's pretty straight forward.

The prototype for the Tichy stake pockets are a stamped metal "U"
shape type which were held to the car side with three U-bolts. The
modifications consist of removing some of this U-bolt detail. The
Tichy Pockets are partially modified while still on the casting sprue.
First the outside face of the Tichy stake pockets should be filed
flat, removing all traces of the three U-bolt flanges. The Tichy stake
pockets also come with locating stubs on the bases which would be a
nuisance to deal with on scratchbuilt side sills. These are filed off
while the pockets are on the sprue.

After the partially modified, individual pockets are attached securely
to the correct side sill locations, the side faces should have the
upper and lower flanges removed. A sharp single edged razor blade
works well for this task. Leave only the one flange in the centre to
simulate the strengthening corrugation of the standard stake pocket

Good luck with your flat car,
Pierre Oliver


I hace one of Point 1 Models CN #659000-659999 resin flat car kits
that I am looking to start. I only have one poor quality photo of this
car, but the stake pockets sure do not look like the Tichy ones
provided in the kit. Can anyone either tell me what is the correct
stake pocket, or can someone share a good scan of this car so I can
make a more intelligent decision as to what is correct.

Any and all help is appreicated.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA?
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