C&NW Stock Cars


Those CNW stock cars are my favorites. Thanks Bob!

These stock cars frequently appear in Jack Delano photos in the
WWII "Iron Horse at War" book.

The end of these cars is missing a slat, making them look unusual to

Does anyone know what type of roof these cars had? There's a photo
article about stock yard at the CNW site which shows what I think is
an early Hutcheons roof with 2 reinforcement creases instead on the
usual one. Was this the type used on these stock cars?

The aforementioned roof was used on CNW's single sheathed box cars
built in the '20s with USRA ribs but shorter than USRA cars. Sunshine
offers (or offered) a kit for those cars.


Here's the original link -

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Courtesy of Ron Christensen, here is a link to images of C&NW stock
cars originally posted on the Railway Bull Shippers Group:


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