sewer pipes


I think any kind of merchandise light enough to be lifted by a man
would be prone to be stolen if shipped in a gondola.

I think any kind of sewer pipe would have a relatively thick wall
making lengths of the larger sizes (say 10 or 12 inches in diameter and
above) pretty difficult for a man to lift, particularly over the side
of a typical gon.

I've heard that cast iron pipes were shipped in P&LE and PYMcY (Al
Westerfield calls this RR P mickey)gons. How about PRR gons?

Where were clay sewer pipes made?

Did these pipes have to be blocked? I would think that cast iron pipes
would be robust enough to avoid damage without blocking.

A few years ago the neighborhood when I live had new storm sewers
installed. A man can crawl through the concrete sewer pipes. I live
above the east extension of the Grand Coulie damn.


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