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Pieter Roos

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On Jun 29, 2007, at 2:23 PM, bill_d_goat wrote:
Each car had two blue flags. Why was this? Were there maybe two
different crews/groups working and one wouldn't want to be in danger
relying on the other's blue flags in case one group left earlier than
the first and took their own flags with them?

In addition, I noted that the airhose on the last car on the
rightmost string (with no blue flags?) appears to be connected to the
last car on the next string. Why would the air hoses be connected
like that?
Could they all be on "yard air" so when the time comes to move them
the switch crew doesn't need to take the time pumping up the air?

Unlike the previous Delano picture, these cars appear very close
together as though they remained coupled. The freight dock appears to
be open platforms with a "head house" so maybe without building doors
to match there is no reason to uncouple the cars (and with yard air,
every reason to leave them connected).

Pieter Roos

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