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The most plausible explanation for the two blue Flags is one belong to the
loading crews and the other belong to the car department. Each group could
finish at different times so that each was protected by their own blue flag.
This prevented the operating crews from pulling the track before everybody
was in the clear. As for the air hose connect I would suspect that that
the track on the extreme right side was released and they were charging up
the air before pulling, track two was also being charged up but had not been
released yet. The air supply was probably being supplied from the other

Paul C. Koehler


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Each car had two blue flags. Why was this? Were there maybe two
different crews/groups working and one wouldn't want to be in danger
relying on the other's blue flags in case one group left earlier than
the first and took their own flags with them?
In addition, I noted that the airhose on the last car on the
rightmost string (with no blue flags?) appears to be connected to the
last car on the next string. Why would the air hoses be connected
like that?


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