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Could they all be on "yard air" so when the time comes to move them
the switch crew doesn't need to take the time pumping up the air?


Yes the above is true, but in this context the cars are hosed together so
that the carknockers can test and inspect the brakes. They'll charge and dump
the air as often as necessary, and make repairs. And, as Pieter said, the
carknockers may "save the air" for the yard engine to save time charging the
trainline. It looks like the two tracks to the right are the next ones planned to
be pulled.

The two sets of blue flags do represent two crafts, and two were used mostly
so each craft was aware of the other. In this photo, one flag would belong
to the carknockers, and the other the platform agent.

I did stroll through the Delano photos on the LOC site, and there are quite
a few gems in there. It's great that they're available for downloading and
printing. I remember gazing for quite a while into the cover of Mainline
Modeler that used one off the Delano photos in the early 1990s. Isn't it great
that today we can model so many of the cars in these photos?

Mike Del Vecchio

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