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Now Marty,if that is all you got out of MM you must have missed more than a few issues.The series on heavyweight passenger cars and all the good material by John Nehrich and the RPI group.I am a happy owner of every issue.Now if I could only convince my wife .Armand Premo

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Wished I'd known people actually paid for old issues of Mainline Modeler.

A few months ago I went through the boxes of these thing that I've moved from one corner of the country to the other and realized that although I'd fallen into the "this is one of the best resorces out there" trap myself I have, with few exceptions, never used any of the information in Mainline to build a model of anything. I kept a few articles which seemed of use (the rivet making article as well as Ben's X-29 piece, and the Lakers series of all things . . . ) and dumped the rest in the recycling bin.


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