Loaded SFRD's in a UP train / and PFE in SF trains.

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Posted by: "Steve Sandifer" For what it's worth, last week I saw a photo of a PFE reefer (double logo) at a mercantile in Emporia, KS, on ATSF tracks (circa 1950). It had to come from either Topeka, Kansas City, or Wichita on ATSF.

Another aspect of those routings that I have not yet seen mentioned on this thread is that cars loaded on SF with a UP destination or on the SP with an SF destination. For example, lettuce alone would have accounted for many PFE's on the SF. The largest lettuce growing areas were the Salinas and Imperial valleys, both served only by SP. Any produce from a SF origin to destinations in NE or WY and much of ID you would expect to see in UP trains.

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