Request for info/Virginian hoppers


Does anyone know anything about Pennsy H21 hoppers that might have
been leased by the VGN at some point? We have heard a photo exists, but
we have not seen one. This has been kicked around, and what we think
we know is that during WWII Virginian leased a goodly number of these
cars from the PRR, that were apparently returned before the end of the
war. It's an open question as to whether or not they were ever
lettered for Virginian. Yes, Bowser did them, but there's also been
information that the lettering scheme was (nicely done but)
conjectural. It's also been said that because they were on Virginian
properly entirely during the war, that photos are going to be tough to
find if they exist at all.

This is a long setup for the request for a)good information, b)any
pictures that might be out there. Thanks for any assistance.

Frank Bongiovanni (and a number of Virginian "enthusiasts")

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