Re: Well Packed Lump Coal

Richard Brennan <brennan8@...>

Photo 003499 on the same site shows C&O 56516 again plus two other cars,
staged at the Price Hill Colliery loader, seemingly to showcase the product line:
"Lump", "Egg", and "Stove" coal.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro, CA

At 09:14 7/3/2007, Frederick Freitas wrote:

Most deffinitely a photo op for the RR. That may be the only neat as a pin photo of a hopper ever produced.

Fred Freitas

Steve <winslow7076@...> wrote:

Found this picture at the West Virginia Historical Photographs
Collection. A C&O twin hopper loaded with lump coal, laid in so
cleanly it almost looks like paving stones. Is this typical loading
for this size of coal, or is it so well placed for the sake of the


Steve M Stull
Winslow 7076

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