VGN H21's

Justin Kahn

I can't say it's definitive (we all know that manufacturers, by and large, have to amortize their development and production costs), but Atlas has been offering a VGN lettering scheme for the joint Middle Division PRR H21, and Atlas CLAIMS they will do only authentic schemes.
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

Frank Bongiovanni wrote:
"It's an open question as to whether or not [any leased PRR Class
H21A hoppers] were ever lettered for Virginian. Yes, Bowser did
them, but there's also been information that the lettering scheme was
(nicely done but) conjectural."

On page 45-46 of Teichmoeller's Pennsylvania Railroad Steel Open
Hopper Cars, John states that" 1998 Bowser issued a Virginian
leased car based purely on a conjectural lettering diagram I did as a
Saturday night entertainment which apparently bent some of the
prototype police's rods." I'd say that's conclusive information that
the Bowser VGN cars are conjectural.

"It's also been said that because they were on Virginian property
entirely during the war, that photos are going to be tough to find if
they exist at all."

I'd keep my eyes open. After all, we didn't have photographic proof
of the cars leased to the N&W when John's articles first appeared in
Model RailroaDING, but since then, several have surfaced in various
collections including one car (not the primary subject of the photo)
after return to the PRR.

Do you know of any company source material (memoranda, car records,
etc.) detailing the lease? They'll give a more complete picture than
just the ORER listings at least.

Ben Hom

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