Re: Well Packed Lump Coal

Steve Stull


I saw that pic, and a couple more, one of each
variety. I'm currently wading through all 21,000 pics
on the site. Some really incredible structures,
trackwork, and cars to be seen there.

Many of the photos don't have a caption, so a search
wont find them.

Same with the American Memory project at the Library
of Congress. I have no idea when I'll be done going
through those.

--- Richard Brennan <> wrote:

Photo 003499 on the same site shows C&O 56516 again
plus two other cars,
staged at the Price Hill Colliery loader, seemingly
to showcase the
product line:
"Lump", "Egg", and "Stove" coal.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro, CA

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