Re: WWII era C&NW photo

CJ Riley

My understanding of the X box car doors was an indication of explosive loads,
therefore, not likely to be in the Chicago tunnels.

CJ Riley

--- ed_mines <> wrote:

Someone referenced a Library of Congress WWII era color photo which
appears to be a Jack Delano photo taken in Chicago.

There's an explantion of the X on box car doors in the "Iron Horse at
War" book. I believe that those cars could be used in the tunnels
beneath the Chicago business district.

Since this is a WWII era picture I think it odd that there are 2
lines of CN&W box cars. I can understand a separate line of freight
tunnel box cars although I wonder what merchandise was sold to
consumers during WWII.

That big line of single sheathed box cars is a puzzle to me. Maybe
they were being repaired or repainted.

Other color photos from this shoot are outstanding (as is this one).
One of these was used on the cover of the controversal "Mainline
Modeler". Many B&W photos taken at the same time appear in the
aforementioned book.


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