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Greg Martin


BRAVO! Looks great. Heading into our/TKM's 5th year (this August) I have to say that success is easy to duplicate if you have the spirit to attack it.

Gordon, remind your folks that a society that focus on the modeler/historian will survive when other will wane. Just remind the folks in your society that "pay per view" doesn't mix well with those that volunteer their time to do good things for the society and ultimately the society does benefit...

Know the timing of John's release I used my commentary in my column in TKM to reinforce what others are creating and John and his staff have taken the first step.

Great Work, John?

Greg Martin

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Hi Gordon,

My advice to you would be to keep trying. I first proposed an SCL
Modeler a year ago and the idea went down in flames. FWIW, I think a
Southern Modeler would be a terrific idea. There's so much to cover,
and with a guy like Bob Harpe in your camp you'll have an instant

In the editorial in SCLM #1, you'll recall I mentioned that Al
Buchan--the current PRR T&HS pres and TKM publisher--got us all set
up. Al is a great ambassador for the hobby and he beleives like I do
that "a high tide raises all boats". In other words, what's good for
the SCL-M is good for the PRR T&HS and so on, and also prototype
modeling in general. B&O HS is already using the TKM format, and I
understand another HS in the northeast is considering something
using the format as well. Talk to Al and get his thoughts, then poll
other guys you trust, build a vision, get buy-in, and execute.

My apologies, Gentlemen, for the off-topic post.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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Looks great!

I'm the "bull in a china shop" sort of guy. I've been "trying" to
get the
SRHA (Southern Railway Historical Association) to explore an
magazine for the members who model. Some of the "controlling
folks" want to
make money and not under-cut the SRHA archives etc. I've
just "challenged
model members to join me in an effort to do it without the support
of "the
powers that be".

I've volunteered to edit any effort they want to try. I'm a bit
knowledgeable and can produce PDF format docs. I noted that you
stated that
"you're a knock-off of the TKM." Who did you contact for
permission to copy
their effort? I learned a long time ago that inventing wheels
might be fun
but spinning wheels is not the best way sometimes.

Thanks for your "kick in the pants" and your help. If we get
something off
the ground you'll be the first to know.

Good luck on your efforts!

Gordon Andrews


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The first issue of The Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler is
now available for at HYPERLINK
""http://www.aclsal.-org/ Yes, our
magazine is a complete knock-off of TKM, but we did it
with permission of the TKM guys so that makes it

There's minimal steam era content this issue, but we
are featuring an article by one each Clark Propst on
kitbashing an SAL AF-4 auto car. I hear it's a pretty
funny read.

If any of gentlemen would care to write something for
us, please contact me at HYPERLINK
""Golden1014@... or at
""jgolden@... for
details. ACL, SAL,
SCL, Seaboard System (to include former L&N), CSX,
predecessor lines (C&WC, CN&L, AB&C, etc.) are fair
game for articles. We'll even consider articles on
run-through power (like Frisco GP-40s) or pool freight
cars (like FGE) if your daring enough to submit and
make your case. If you don't care to write an article,
send photos of your models and we'll run them in our
"Modeler's Showcase" section. We'll also publish
photos of models that are in progress.

We're publishing quarterly, so the next issue should
be out in early September. In the meantime, we'd
appreciate your thoughtful comments and suggestions so
we can make our magazine better. Thanks for your
time--see you at Naperville!


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

HYPERLINK ""http://www.pbase.-

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