Re: MP 10-6 IH 40 ft Boxcar model?

Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

I¹ve posted your question to the MoPac group.

Brian Ehni

From: Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>
Reply-To: <STMFC@...>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 10:45:42 -0400
To: <STMFC@...>
Subject: [STMFC] MP 10-6 IH 40 ft Boxcar model?


I have been looking for a HO model to represent the MP 40 ft, 10-6 IH, 3898
cu ft, 6 ft door boxcars; preferably the 19000 - 19999 series, but others
may be identical. I see Branchline has an MP model #1420 but the fullsize
pic linked to the thumbnail is a NCSTL car. The kit has "4/4 ends and panel
roof" but I don't know if that's right for the car number as other MP cars
with these dimensions had 5/5 DE or 1/3/4 IDE. Does anyone know the BLT car
number and if its correctly configured? If not, how about a suggestion for
a model?


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