Re: MP 10-6 IH 40 ft Boxcar model?

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 7, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Kurt Laughlin wrote:

FYI, BLT has two cars, #1421 with a 6 ft door, 4/4 ends, and panel
roof, and
#1509 that has an 8-ft door, 1/3/4 IDE, and diagonal roof. The latter
shown as MP 36125, which if my 1961 ORER is correct, should have a 6
Your statement above is not correct. MP's 40' AAR box cars built
1955-1959 all had 8' door openings. MoPac's 40' AAR box cars built
1950-1954 all had 6' door openings.

MoPac had no 40' AAR box cars with 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends, other
than two series of 40' auto cars with 15' door openings.

Here's a list of cars built from 1950-1954 in the order built (all cars
built by MP at DeSoto shops). The following all have 6' door openings,
R+3/4 (early) Improved Dreadnaught Ends, diagonal panel roofs,
Youngstown doors (like the ones provided in the BT kits), and 8-rung
ladders. The BT AAR box cars with 6' door openings (undecorated version
that provide the different roof and end options) are accurate for these

MP 34600-35099, 11-50
StLB&M 19500-19999, 12-52
I-GN 19000-19499, 1-53
MP 35100-35349, 2-54
I-GN 17601-17715, 5-54
StLB&M 18465-18599, 7-54

All MP 40' AAR box cars built 1955-1959 (35350-38874) had 8' door
openings, diagonal panel roofs, later-version Improved Dreadnaught
Ends, and 7-rung ladders. There are more variations on these cars,
including one group with welded sides (series 38875-39014) built by
AC&F in 1959 and some riveted-side cars with 6-panel Superior doors
built in 1958. All carried MP reporting marks from the start except for
one order of 200 Missouri-Illinois cars, series 4300-4499, built 11-57.
All MP cars with riveted sides and 8' doorways have longer side sills
on either side of the door than on the Branchline models. This is
depicted on the STMFC web site photo and short article I submitted on
modifying the BT underframe to accommodate cars with 8' door openings.

If you choose to paint/letter any of these cars I suggest you obtain
decals from Oddballs, who has the most accurate sans-serif type style
used by MoPac.
Ed Hawkins

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