old AHM welded tankcar

D. Scott Chatfield

A while back I picked up an old AHM tankcar that seems to represent a post-1950 design of ICC105 tank. Welded tank body, very rounded ends, pressure bonnet (so yes, it's an ICC105), and a full frame with minimalist detail that looked to be made of an unfriendly plastic. Looked like an ACF frame design to me, so I compared it to Atlas's 11,000g ICC105 and bingo, the frames are the same length, although the bolster centers are different.

Anyhow, this thing looks like some MofW tanks that the N&W/NS has, except they are DOT111 (domeless non-pressure) tanks. Not too hard to kitbash. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this model and/or its prototype, or has attempted a similar kitbash.

Scott Chatfield

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