Re: MP 10-6 IH 40 ft Boxcar model?

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From: Ed Hawkins
FYI, BLT has two cars, #1421 with a 6 ft door, 4/4 ends, and panel
roof, and
#1509 that has an 8-ft door, 1/3/4 IDE, and diagonal roof. The latter
shown as MP 36125, which if my 1961 ORER is correct, should have a 6
Your statement above is not correct. MP's 40' AAR box cars built
1955-1959 all had 8' door openings. MoPac's 40' AAR box cars built
1950-1954 all had 6' door openings.<

KL> You are right, Ed, of course. That was a transcription error on my part.

MoPac had no 40' AAR box cars with 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends, other
than two series of 40' auto cars with 15' door openings.<

KL> Huh. An error like this is generally uncommon for BLT, isn't it?

Here's a list of cars built from 1950-1954 in the order built (all cars
built by MP at DeSoto shops). . .<

KL> Thanks for the info, Ed. No I know where to go.

KL> I see that within the range 35350-38874 the cubic capy of the 9-4 IW cars varied from 3898 to 4000, and the welded cars you mentioned were 3952. Some had DF loaders but there isn't a correspondence between loaders and capy. Any idea why this was so?


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