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Richard Hendrickson

Mike Brock wrote:

Tom Madden responds to Byron Rose's first post with:

The local RPA wrote:
Which is all he really needed to say. Unlike most other lists, the STMFC has
an RPA. This is good. Someone...Richard probably knows who...wrote that "you
can't go back". But, in this case, he appears to be wrong.
It was Tom Wolfe who wrote "you can't go home again," though the idea
itself wasn't original with him. Many of us wouldn't want to go home again
if we could. But most, if not all, of those on this list are probably
model railroaders out of nostalgia for an earlier era of prototype
railroading. I can tell you from recent experience that a ca. 1953
operating session on the Tehachapi layout in San Diego is the closest thing
to a time machine I ever expect to experience. Running the Grand Canyon up
the hill from Caliente with a timetable in my pocket and a couple of form
19s in my hand is, as Yogi Berra aptly (if redundantly) put it, "deja vu
all over again." And having a troll under the bridge makes it that much
better. So we're fortunate to have our own antiquated troll under the
bridge on this list. Welcome back, Byron.

BTW, as moderator, I decree that express reefers can be discussed on this
list. Yes, they operated frequently on passenger...or mail...trains. But,
they also frequently hauled produce of one form or another...and they are
found in the ORER.
Express reefers were often found in freight trains - there's lots of
documentary evidence for this - when carrying cargoes that weren't
time-sensitive or on empty back hauls. So there's no need to rationalize
discussing them here, unless you're into rationalizing for its own sake.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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