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DRGW 71000-71999- blt. 1943 Pressed Steel as War Emergency GS gons (not to
an AAR standard). They had "Pressed Steel" ends, Duryea underframes, Royal
Type F brake gear regulators and the brake wheels were as follows:
71000-71799 - Ajax, 71800-71999 - Universal. There are a few good in
service photos available from the Colorado Hist. Soc., plus two builder's
photos from the Merrilees Collection in the Canadian Nat'l Archives.

They were rebuilt with steel in place of the wood beginning in 1949. Howard
Ameling offered a photo of the rebuilt steel version, albeit a poor photo.
However, it's the only one I've ever seen of the rebuilds.


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Same book; this time a D&RGW GS gondola loaded with coal, on
an NP [mixed] local in Centralia, Washington in the 1950's...
(So, it would appear Utah coal travelled to Washington state.)
A routine movement pre mid-50's, largely via a DRGW/WP/GN routing.

Richard, what is the date of the Beiber interchange book you have?

Any of these cars jump out at you?

DGRW 40000-42500
DRGW 46000-47499
DRGW 70000-70699
DRGW 71000-71999

Dave Nelson

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