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Reviewing many company coal reports for a several year period presented many anomalies ( hoppers that ,"shouldn't be there") the "why" is not always easy to explain or comprehend,it just happened.Even in a large sample some cars that shouldn't be there ,ARE.It gives the modeler a reason to justify the presence of some of these cars just as long as it is not overdone, it is plausible..Armand Premo

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Bruce Smith wrote:
A study of PRR yard photos many years ago indicated that at best, the
PRR hopper population was 75% PRR. Thus, as a PRR modeler, I have
long known that I needed some oddballs to break up those gorgeous
strings of H21As, GLAs and GLCs <G>.
But let's not find ourselves justifying the common sight on layout
visits to various places, the "coal train" with each hopper from a
different road--often running behind the hotshot "reefer train" with
one billboard reefer from each meat or beer company. Um, <g> . . . I

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