Re: Cars that shouldn't be in Kline & Culotta's book

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 8, 2007, at 2:31 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
> But a sprinkling of other reefers mixed in among the PFE and SFRD
> is both realistic and more visually interesting than solid blocks of
> cars belonging to a single owner.

And unless you're modeling a main line with a route which is
appropriate, truly big cuts of reefers may not be realistic anyway.
Yeah, I know, the bozos love to run a "reefer train" but so often, it
makes no sense.
A point well taken. Over Cajon Pass and the Santa Fe's Coast Line main
across Arizona and New Mexico? Absolutely (though NOT over Glorietta
and Raton Passes; Santa Fe GFX trains were almost always routed via
Belen and Amarillo). Over Donner Pass, Northern Nevada, and the Lucin
cutoff? Sure. Over the UP main from Ogden to Council Bluffs? Of
course. The Erie's Chicago-to-New York main line? Mais oui. But
certainly not on the secondary and branch lines that modelers tend to
favor because they're less overwhelming and fit better in attics and

That said, I'd comment that both PFE and SFRD tended strongly
to use their own cars WHEN they had them. In the peak harvest season
was when they were using foreign cars out of necessity.
And, it may be added, shippers often complained bitterly when they got
off-line reefers for loading. Those cars tended to be much worse
maintained than PFE and SFRD cars, and in addition their interior
dimensions were enough different to create cooperage problems when
securing the load; shippers often had cribbing and bracing pre-cut to
fit the cars they were used to. In addition, shippers served by the
Santa Fe much preferred the SFRD cars with 5' wide doors and many of
them had a fit if the local switching crew gave them an off-line reefer
with 4' door openings.

Richard Hendrickson

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