MP Single Sheathed Box Cars

buchwaldfam <duff@...>


In RP Cyc #14, the article about the MP's rebuilt box cars also
includes several diagrams of the cars in their original form. These
are the first I've noticed which include the dimensions of the
structural members. They do not, however show the side plate
dimensions. Are the large, 12 to 18 inch tall metal panels just below
the eaves integral with the side plates? Or are there other structural
members hidden from view. There is one good interior shot of the same
construction style in the earlier article on the Frisco cars of
similar design, and there doesn't appear to be any additional
structure on the inside of these tall metal plates.
Could anyone provide the dimensions of the actual side plates, or
give a good book reference (possibly an in-print Train Shed Cyc) which
shows these dimensions?

Phil Buchwald

Also, extrapolating from the discussion of the stray coal
hoppers in Harrisburg, would I be justified in showing PRR or NYC
covered cement hoppers at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin concrete batching
plant in 1955?

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