Oddball hoppers on the PRR was Cars that shouldn't be in Kline & Culotta's book


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Bruce Smith wrote:
A study of PRR yard photos many years ago indicated that at best, the
PRR hopper population was 75% PRR. Thus, as a PRR modeler, I have
long known that I needed some oddballs to break up those gorgeous
strings of H21As, GLAs and GLCs <G>.
But let's not find ourselves justifying the common sight on layout
visits to various places, the "coal train" with each hopper from a
different road--often running behind the hotshot "reefer train" with
one billboard reefer from each meat or beer company. Um, <g> . . . I

True. A large part of the 25% of non-PRR cars were Berwind cars and Cambria
& Indiana cars which moved in blocks if not entire trains. N&W cars carried
over the Sandusky Branch to the docks for shipment by boat were also full
trains obtained from the N&W at Columbus. Another large part were cars from
the anthracite roads (RDG, LV, CNJ, CRP, D&H) which were handed to the PRR for
westward movement. These trains could be indiscrimenent cars of these roads
as that is how they were loaded at the mines. While the occasional B&O,
P&LE, DS, Erie, D&LW car could be found they were just that occasional. NYC cars
could be found in significant numbers on the Buffalo line and off the
Cresson branch and Susquehanna Extension from the coal fields in Clearfield,
Cambira, and Jefferson Counties where both the PRR & NYC served some of the mines
as well as off the Cherry Tree and Dixonville (jointly operated by the PRR &
NYC on an alternating year basis). The Shawmut handed off full trains to the
PRR. The occassional Montour and P&WV car could be found on the PRR as well.

The cars I can't fathom are the Tennessee Central composite hoppers (there
are photos of at least 2 different cars and not together) at Renovo yard on
the Buffalo line. That would be a interesting routing to trace.

Rich Orr

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