Re: D.I.C.X. Dry ice car, unknown maker.


Denny,September 1948 MR has an ad for a Mathieson Dry Ice Reefer by Laconia,$ 2.35 with trucks ,$1.50 without.Armand Premo

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Amongst a recent purchase of largely-derelict ancient HO freight car
models is a neatly-built generally-presentable double-sheath wood 40'
reefer D.I.C.X 115 "DRY ICE" REFRIGERATOR LINE. The body is wood
(identical or near identical to Varney in construction). The sides
are printed cardstock with neat embossed planking very similar to
Varney, while the "dreadnaught" ends are printed photo-rotogravure
very much like the very earliest Varneys- i.e. as in 1936 and later.
The lettering is black on white sides. There are no ladders or grabs
on the sides, although there are neatly applied wire grabs serving as
ladders on the ends. A vertical brake staff and platform are missing,
as is the running board. The roof ribs are very fine square wood

The trucks are of a type I have never seen before: three cast white
metal pieces with the bolsters keyed to the side frames with flexible
pieces of shaped rubber moldings- pretty sophisticated and not bad
looking for the period. The wheels look like Varney (brass). I have a
feeling that these trucks are probably from a different supplier.
Some have guessed that the trucks are MicroMotive.

There is no record that Varney had car sides of this type (its R-19
Dry Ice car was of a car of steel construction). Red Ball is always
a suspect with printed sides : these sides are not in the 1941
catalogue, and many of M.D. Newton's designs later were destroyed in
Red Ball's 1943 fire.

Does this description ring any bells. Megow? Lehigh? Binkley? Laconia?

Who knows about D.I.C.X. ?


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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