Re: Cars that shouldn't be in Kline & Culotta's book

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Malcolm Laughlin writes:

"You would never see a foreign hopper being loaded on the C&O or N&W."

Perhaps so. We seem to have fewer photos at the actual mines compared to mainline traffic. However, there is the photo of a 3 bay MP hopper [ along with a companion Erie hopper ] in a long string of MT B&O hoppers on the B&O headed to West Va from Lorain, OH B&O Trackside, pg 40 ]. These "foreigners" will be loading coal rather far from home rails. I quite agree...and have always maintained...that coal laden hoppers from one RR will often have to ride another to the final destination. In the case of Appalachian RRs this might mean that the first part of the trip would be on home rails and only the need to get to Newcastle...well...a Lake Erie port or the Chicago area...might cause them to go off line. But...a Mopac hopper heading to WV? Don't sound like its first mileage will be on home rails.

Mike Brock

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