Re: D.I.C.X. Dry ice car

Peter J. McClosky <pmcclosky@...>

Hello All,

How would these cars be unloaded?

It seems to me that they would fill with Carbon Dioxide, and thus you
could not go into one of them. (And live.)

Peter J. McClosky
rhinman@... wrote:

Except for an experimental car built by ACF, all of the DICX cars were
MDT standard refrigerator cars modified for this service by building
insert kits and in many cases had special door assemblies added. MDT
had the service contract with Dry Ice Corp and its successors from the
early 1930s until the late 1960s. I could supply car type for most any
car in this range. I'm on travel this week and don't have access to my
records but DICX 115 is probably the M4 car modified for this service.
Peter J. McClosky

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