Re: Cars that shouldn't be in Kline & Culotta's book

Tim O'Connor

Mike Brock wrote

I quite agree...and have always maintained...that coal laden hoppers
from one RR will often have to ride another to the final destination.
And this is in fact clearly documented in the charts I mentioned
from "Chessie's Road" (the charts are from the C&O HS collection)
and in fact they show how many tons were turned over at each point
of interchange -- 36 million tons a year passed through Charleston
westbound on the C&O, but less than 6 million made it to lake boats.
Millions of tons went to the B&O, Erie, PRR, and other connections
large and small.

The charts were compiled by the brothers Van Swerigen in an attempt
to get the ICC to approve the merger of PM-NKP-ERIE-C&O-HV. A pretty
good idea, just 70 years ahead of its time...

Tim O'Connor

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