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Didn't someone just say that when talking about railroads never say
"never" and always avoid "always"?

Andy Miller

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Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
"You would never see a foreign hopper being loaded on the
C&O or N&W."
Chessie's Road, p. 171... what's that under the tipple? Hmmmmm.
Appears to be a VIRGINIAN hopper car. Yep.

By the way, pp.140-141 have wonderful traffic charts showing coal
flows by tonnage and carloads, and also show loaded/empty car stats
for Erie, NKP, C&O, Hocking Valley and Pere Marquette in the 1920's
for WV to Illinois. Did you know NKP handled an average of 665
eastbound loads a day from Bellevue to Cleveland, but only 52 empty
cars? The Erie handled 587 loads east from Marion, 117 empties. Loads
westbound was less for both, but NKP got a higher percentage of
returning loads than the Erie.

But I digress.

Tim O'Connor

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