northeast US hopper movements


There are a couple of books of NKP publicity photos with many of the
photos taken in the steam era.

In the text of onoe of these books it says that most coal on the NKP
came from the C&O (at one time the 2 roads were affiliated by a
common owner; they even shared offices).

NKP had a moderate sized fleet of their own hoppers. Is it possible
that their own fleet was used to ship coal for company use? I've
wondered about this for other railroads - Wabash I think.

There's a color book of CNJ steam and a NKP composite hopper shows up
in several of the photos. Could that be after NKP switched to diesels?

Someone (Chuck Yungkurth?) called "out of place" hoppers "strays".
After you have a couple of photos of common cars you're likely to
take photos of the odd balls that stand out. How many photos of
WAG "sole leather line" SS box cars have you seen?

It's telling that there are few if any photos of C&O hoppers in the
Culotta-Klein book.

I saw some data on coal shipments for one of the anthracite region
railroads that had their own fleet of hoppers. Yearly shipments in
foreign hoppers exceeded shipments in home home road hoppers.

I've oftened wondered if this was seasonal with off road hoppers
being returned when the home road could supply enough hoppers to
customers (during the summer). There was a hopper shortage during the
peak season for coal and no attempt was made to return off road



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