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Thanks for the information. After my post, I went back and took a
look in the earlier volume at the Frisco car, and it is apparent
that there is a Z-section member which runs the length of the side
plate, just under the roof. This conclusion is from looking at the
interior photo as well as some of the exterior photos. The exterior
flange stands out horizontally away from the side, similar to a
typical CB&Q SS car, just under the eave. The interior horizontal
flange (or what appears to be a horizontal flange of the same
member) is what the carlines are bolted to.

I'm curious how that 14 1/2 x 1/4" plate seals against the top piece
of wood siding?

Thanks again...

Phil Buchwald

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On Jul 8, 2007, at 6:24 PM, buchwaldfam wrote:

They do not, however show the side plate
dimensions. Are the large, 12 to 18 inch tall metal panels just
the eaves integral with the side plates?
The general arrangement drawings for MoPac's SS Howe-truss box
specify steel top plates 14-1/2" high by 1/4" thick.
Ed Hawkins

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