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There are a couple of books of NKP publicity photos with many of the photos taken in the steam era. In the text of onoe of these books it says that most coal on the NKP came from the C&O (at one time the 2 roads were affiliated by a common owner; they even shared offices).
Be careful about believing things just because they are written in books. Errors can be found in even the best researched and written books. In the news media, usually more than 20 percent of what's written about railroads is erroneous.

Just looking at the map of the NKP shows that had to be wrong. It's perpendicular to C&O lines, hardly a logical connection. The W&LE, an NKP subsidiary, served coal mining areas. The fact that they had a common owner has nothing to do with how the coal was routed. The C&O shippers had the right to route over any other railroad they wanted to use beyond Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo.

NKP had a moderate sized fleet of their own hoppers. Is it possible that their own fleet was used to ship coal for company use?
Not likely. The railroads serving the mines controlled what cars were used. They would have accepted NKP cars for loading only when they had a shortage. And the serving railroads could not have required those cars to be used for coal to the NKp.

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