Re: FGEX wood reefers from Accurail kits?

Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...>


Give this site a try;; Paul has tons of old mags & books for sale at reasonable prices.

Fred Freitas

Don Worthy <don_worthy@...> wrote:
Thanks Pieter, for the info. Although, I've had bad luck trying to find articles in RMJ and in MRC. Some have wanted as much for a old mag. as some books cost....
But, I can get Ted's book. It should be available.
Thanks again
Don Worthy

pieter_roos <pieter_roos@...> wrote:
Don, Kurt;

You want to find this article by Bill Welch:

WFE and FGE 40-foot wood reefers from lnterMountain models
Railmodel Journal, February 2005 page 40

Also both volumes of Ted Cullota's Prototype Railroad Modeling journal
have articles (also by Bill) on parts of the BREX/WFE/FEGX fleet.

Those, plus the B& Modeler article and the six examples on the Steam
Era Freight Car site should allow kitbashing of basic Accurail reefer
to be close to a number of FEGX designs.

Pieter Roos

--- In STMFC@..., Don Worthy <don_worthy@...> wrote:

Kurt, I'm sure glad you brought up the FGEX cars. I need a string of
them as I'm modeling the Central of Georgia and Southern railways.
These cars show up in most any photos of my target railways.
I'd seen a couple of model shots on Steam Era Freight Car site but
the info was very skippy. The only info I got from it was that the Red
Caboose car was used in that project.
I, too, am in need of info about these cars.
I've come up with photos of several FGEX cars that seem to be of
different height and other such things. It would help me so much if
the measurements of the various type cars that they "seemed" to have
had could be made available.
Kurt lets keep each other informed of any info that can be found.
I'll gladly show you some of these shots that I've found. OFF line of

Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga. at dworthy57@...

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote:
In the Mar/Apr 2007 issue of the B&O Modeler

There is an article on converting an Accurail reefer kit. In
addition to the model shown there is mention that the same changes
would make the car suitable for a FGEX/WFEX car. Unfortunately the
FGEX example pictured is not the same as the converted model as it has
a 6-inch sill rather than the 8-inch sill added in the article.

What are suitable FGEX/WFEX number ranges for reefers with 8-inch sills?


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