Re: FGEX wood reefers from Accurail kits?

Greg Martin

Kurt "KL" writes:

In the Mar/Apr 2007 issue of the B&O Modeler


There is an article on converting an Accurail reefer kit. In addition to the
model shown there is mention that the same changes would make the car
suitable for a FGEX/WFEX car. Unfortunately the FGEX example pictured is not the
same as the converted model as it has a 6-inch sill rather than the 8-inch sill
added in the article.

What are suitable FGEX/WFEX number ranges for reefers with 8-inch sills?


Kurt and all,

Seeing how I did the article (with many friends involved, Ben in particular
was responsible for the B&O publishing) I suppose I can answer the question.
Many thanks to Bill Welch for his excellent publications on of which is
particularly helpful "The Wood Sheathed Car of the FGEX/WFEX/BREX Freight
Refrigerator Fleet: 1940-1953 (a drop dead value at $3.00 plus S&H). I had dinner a
couple weeks back with Bill and I coined him a one man historical society of
which he hopes I will make two... I told him Richard can be two I will come
in later...

You're right the photo of the car shown is an earlier design of car, (Bill's
reference) as a Company underframe #3, riveted with a 6-inch side sill.
These cars were in series 32100-35999 and WFEX 65000-66349 and is difficult to
model as the car is basically 5½-6 inches shorter than the ACCURAIL. I believe
that this is the car that InterMountain intends on releasing IIRC.

The basis for the kit-bash is the Company Underframe #4 FEGX 36000-37999 and
50000-51999 and was the height of the ACCURAIL design, however the
underframe is the BREX design not the FGEX/WFEX/NX cars, thus the conversion to an
8-inch sill with a new center sill and cross-bearers. The car for the article
is the leased car(s) from National Car and I am hard at work on another meat
reefer from the National Car fleet of leased meat reefers the Sioux City
Dressed Beef/ Needam Packing cars. With much appreciated help from Richard I was
able to find answers to questions I had regarding these cars. Bill a few days
later gave me answers and clues over dinner in downtown Portland (Bill if you
are reading thanks again and I owe you a lot!). This article will appear
in another Historical Society publication in the near future and I believe
that Bruce Smith is planning on doing two articles for TKM on the FGEX car and
a National Car as well. I am going to attempt to bash a 37-foot car from the
40-foot car and once again Richard came to the rescue...

This is just a teaser from his (Bill Welch's) booklet and I would say it is
a must for all steam era modelers. I can't wait for all Bill's information
to be released in a single book, his research is great.

NO Mike, this is not the Cocoa Beach Car for 2008, it is something different
and will remain a secrete until the meet comes closer.

Also, I have a couple of request for "more info" regarding the Cocoa Beach
Car from 2007 and I will send them via CD as the files are too big to send via
the Internet. (Jerry Glow and John Golden I haven't forgotten you guys).

Kurt the meat reefer will undoubtedly fit your era as these cars were still
around until 1968 at least, as far as I can tell as the FGEX/WFEX company
cars were retired from produce service as a result of acquisition of more modern
cars the wood fleet appears to have been leased to private meat packers due
to their low lease cost. Other factors like per diem sharing made them even
more attractive.

Greg Martin

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