The Rutland 10000 series hoppers WERE NOT USRA hoppers.They were built earlier and were very similar to the Pennsy GLAs.If you check the dimensions you will see the differences>Armand Premo

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This seems to explain the surprisingly large Rutland hopper car fleet,
doesn't it? It always seemed a bit unusual for a Vermont carrier to
have so
many hoppers.

William Bryk
Without digging too deep into my records and books, and open to
correction. The Rutland's large fleet of hopper cars can be
deceiving, given the territory and eras covered. The original USRA 55
ton hoppers (10000-10099 series, 100 in class) were used primarily to
move soft coal from stores at Ogdensburg, NY and Alburgh, VT for
company service and on line customers. In bound coal drags came off
the NYC at Chatham, and were sent directly to the customers, or taken
to the Alburgh coal trestle, transferred into the 10000 class hoppers,
or stored for later demand to eliminate demurrage charges. Even when
down graded to home road only status, there are reported sightings of
the 10000 series hoppers in New York City, stenciled for such service.
The later 700 series hoppers (750-764, 15 total) were purchased used.
In Ogdensburg Rutland hoppers used in coal service for the state
hospital in Ogdensburg, NY. Rutland hoppers were also used in sand
service for "Seaway Building Supply in Ogdensburg. Cars regularly
assigned towards the end to Ogdensburg coal and sand service were;
"763, 10039, 761, 762, 10095, 753, 756, 750, 10031, 10026". (Nimke
Vol. VI Part 1 p186)

Hope this helps.

Rome Romano

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