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In Ogdensburg Rutland hoppers used in coal service for the state
hospital in Ogdensburg, NY.


I, for one, learned a bit from this thread. Back in the 1980s when I felt
like Jersey's only freight car buff (preservationists' attentions seemed
strictly locomotive back then), I was involved with several museums and historical
societies around the country and trying to get surviving steam era cars into
collections. There were a short string of two-pocket DL&W hoppers, including
a two with offset sides, stranded at that hospital in Ogdensburg at that
time. As sometimes happened, disturbing the owner of a car in the effort to
save it can cause its demise. In this case, one out of the five got preserved,
the offset side car, which is currently at the fairgrounds in Syracuse and
owned by the Central New York Chapter NRHS. I always thought it odd that these
things got stranded up there, since even the Erie-Lackawanna didn't want
them back.

Mike Del Vecchio

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