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The VGN was constructed between 1898 and 1907 to connect with the C&O
at Deepwater and the N&W at Matoaka, WV, to the south. The intention
was to play one off against the other with regard to rates. That
scheme didn't work (the N&W and C&O agreed to fix rates) so the VGN
went east to Tidewater and across the river to connect with the NYC at

I didn't mean to imply that there was never any interchange, only that
it is unlikely that loaded coal trains of the late steam era would
have been interchanged there.

Bill McClure

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But Bill, why build a connection at all then?

The aerial photo on Mapquest shows standing hopper cars there.
I didn't mention it before, since the satellite photo was taken after

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There was a connection between the C&O and VGN at Deepwater; a very
steep one. Doubtful that loaded coal trains would have been
interchanged there, versus Gilbert or the Winding Gulf line where
there were a number of jointly-served mines. In fact, I doubt that it
was technically an interchange point, given the grade and the C&O
layout on the river.

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