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Gatwood, Elden J SAD <Elden.J.Gatwood@...>

You made my day, Philip!


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Philip Dove
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 5:26 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] RE: [PRRPro] decals

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From: Anthony Thompson
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Sent: 12 July 2007 06:44
Subject: Re: [STMFC] RE: [PRRPro] decals

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Peter, you simply weren't paying attention. . . Your claim that those
cars never, or hardly ever,
turned up in So. Calif. in general or Taylor Yard in particular, is
contradicted by a large volume of evidence.
Yep. And I grew up (or failed to) in Glendale also, and not only
saw but PHOTOGRAPHED Pennsy cars, on the main alongside San Fernando
Road and also in Taylor, not to mention in the Burbank local. Golly,
Peter, you weren't smoking those funny cigarettes in those days, were
you? [just joking of course]

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press,

Perhaps Peter didn't recognise the cars because they were letterd with
inaccurate decals, using wrong typefaces and keystone styles!

Regards Philip Dove

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